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About Richard Holmes

richard holmes at maroon bells For me, general photography began in youth from curiosity.
Nature photography later blossomed from the joy of being outdoors.
Creative and artistic photography evolved from the unintended consequences of Adobe Photoshop.
Of great benefit, though taken for granted by those who live there, is the vast amount of public lands in the west.  These lands, largely protected, allow anyone to wander freely about all day to hike, camp, and photograph.  I clump several days together and just camp out in my van during my sojourns.
But of all subjects wildlife holds a special passion.  And of wildlife—birds in particular.  They are a challenge and a joy.
One positive aspect of photography is our technique improves and our standards become higher the longer we shoot.  So over time we demand more of ourselves.  We go back out with increased expectations knowing we can do better.
Richard Holmes on location at the Maroon Bells, Colorado


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